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Meet the Team

Our office excels at working beside you and your family to cultivate not only a normal life but rather an Optimal life! Health & Wellness are not awarded to us because we have good genes but rather the path we choose and the guidance we have along the way. Optimum health transcends when the body is able to reach a new level of functioning and can move on to the next phase. Dr. Powell partners with you and your family to achieve a lifetime of Optimal Health.

Dr Sonda Powell

As a young child Dr. Sonda Powell was constantly ill and suffered from chronic headaches. It wasn’t until she began working for a chiropractor as a teenager that she not only began to see the benefits of chiropractic in the clinic but also in her own personal life.

After being in practice for several years and still suffering from chronic bowel and other health issues she began looking at how she could heal from within. This path has led her down a path of working with sensory processing disorder as well as how diet and nutrition can play a role in caring for patients who are seeking this help.

Dr. Sonda’s primary focus has been to improve the quality of life from the woman seeking to have children, the children she already has, or the grandparent who wishes to lead a life of wellness. Dr. Powell believes that we can’t choose the genes we inherit but we can control how they affect us.

Dr Riley Powell

Dr. Riley Powell specializes in Sports Chiropractic, which focuses on sport injuries and physical fitness.

Dr. Powell’s approach to sports care begins with injury prevention and Physical Rehabilitation. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation helps the injured athlete regain normal function and increases performance.

Dr. Powell works closely with local competitive and school sports teams to promote optimal athletic performance.

McKenzie Calvert, Office Manager

McKenzie grew up in Cleveland, OK and moved to Tulsa shortly after she graduated high school. She began working for Powell Chiropractic in 2010 while she was attending college. McKenzie graduated from OSU in 2014 with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor in Human Resources.

In the office, McKenzie is a jack-of-all-trades and is happy to help in any area she can, including scheduling, insurance benefits, billing, or payment plans. If you don’t have any questions, she is open to snuggling your baby while you get adjusted too!  When she is not in the office, McKenzie likes to spend time with her husband and son and the rest of her family.

Amanda Trosky

Amanda has not sent us her bio yet.